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Bjorn the big
A contest entry for twin-skull-pirates.deviantart.… of twin-skull-pirates.deviantart.…

Name: Bjorn Bumling
Age: 102 (34 in giant years)
species: Giant
Occupation: Pirate, Cook
Aliases: Bjorn the big
Bounty: 55.000.000. B

Bjorn is the cook of the Bloodberg pirates. He enjoys the simples things in life, like smashing buildings with his giant hammer. He is a bit slow and simpleminded.
Bjorn loves a good laugh and tends not to take things to seriously.

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Party Time

Lucida: (in a very perky voice) HIYA!!! 

Tipsy: *Laughs* Well, aren't you just a little cutie?! And what's your name?

Lucida: My name is Lucida! Lucida the Firecraker!

Tipsy: Firecracker? *Laughs* I'm Tiana, but everybody calls me Tipsy. I have no idea why. *Takes a swig from her bottle* Why do they call you firecracker?

Lucida: I make explosions and stuff like that..... 
I can be a bit of a cumbustomaniac! 

Tipsy: No way! I like... totally... make things explode too! How crazy is that? Check this out. *Finishes the bottle* *Closes her eyes and takes a deep breath* *Throws the bottle into the air and slaps the air between her and the bottle*

The bottle shatters in the air and shards of glass hit the floor.

Tipsy: Ta-da! *Laughs*

Lucida: *Laughes and claps hands*

Tipsy: Thank you! Thank you! *Gives a little bow* You said you were a cum-bust-omen-yak. I don't know what it means, but it sounds fun!

Lucida: No doubt it's a BLAST
*she laughs*

A waitress comes over.

Waitress: *Looks a bit angry* We would like to ask you to leave.

Tipsy: How boring! *Stands up on wobbly legs* Come on! Let's find somewhere more fun!

Lucida: Mmm k.. (she nonchalantly walks with Tipsy)

Tipsy takes Lucida to the harbor. They stop at a ship with figurehead depicting an eight-armed goddess. The ships flag and sail are decorated with a jolly roger with a bottle and ham instead of crossbones.

Tipsy: There she is *Points to the ship* My ship, The Macarena!

Crystal sees Lucida having fun with Tipsy.

Crystal: well, welcome to the crew... Tipsy, was it? Any special talents other than drinking?

Tipsy: *Laughs* I'm not part of your crew, Silly! But you can join my crew if you want. We're super fun!
As for talents... I can party all night and kick butt!

Crystal:Oops Sorry for the misunderstanding. But we can party with our enemies sometimes too right? I know a great place

Tipsy: I've decided. you will join my crew!

Crystal:thanks for the offer. But I can't leave my crew behind. But I don't mind a good party and an even better drink. Partying with an enemy? A bit dangerous. But sounds fun! I'm all for it!

Tipsy: That's the spirit! *Grabs Crystal's hand*  I'll show you my ship! That's where are the fun is. *Starts to drag her along*

Crystal: they might not like an enemy on the ship though. You at least got the good stuff right?

Tipsy: I'm the Captain! My crew will do what I say and like it! We got the bestest stuff!

Crystal: Then let's have some fun and cause some trouble!

Tipsy leads Crystal to her ship. It has a figurehead, depicting a twelve-armed goddess. There is loud music playing from the deck.

Tipsy: There she is! The Macarena!

Crystal:Too bad we are on opposite teams. This is nice! I think we could get to be good friends. You're awesome. *raises hand in the air, signaling for a high-five*

Tipsy: We're not exactly enemies. Just competitors for finding the One Piece, like all pirates. *High-fives Crystal so hard it knocks her down* *Falls over herself and starts laughing*

Crystal:wow your strong! Well. If it's just competitors then how bout a competition right now? A drinking competition. First one to down 10 drinks wins.

Tipsy: You're talking to the drinking champ! I have 10 drinks before breakfast. *Laughs* You're on!

And they party into the night.
the Willie
The Willie is the second ship in the Twin Skull fleet. twin-skull-pirates.deviantart.…
It was captured, along with its owner, Barbara Boil…, during a failed assassination attempt. It is powered by her Devil fruit.
It is technically not a ship, as it is very small and can only comfortably house three occupants.
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Last Friday, my nose started dripping.
It dripped all the way through Saturday.
On Sunday, I got a fever and a headache and my nose was blocked.
Today, I've still got a fever, My nose goes back and fourth between dripping and blocked and I've got a cough.
What symptoms will I get tomorrow?


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